Sunday, September 28, 2008

F1 night race

Oh man! I'm so disappointed! My 2 idol (Massa and Raikkonen) for F1 night race disappointed me. =(
I tot both of them will go in top 3 or even the champion but in the end both of them had an accident and the first place goes to Fernando Alonso. But nvm! My star Hamilton is at 3rd place LOLS. When i said i want to support Raikkonen, he straight go bang the wall. Omg man, Does he hate me or he does not want my support? lols

Anyway, today is a great day. I learnt a small topic of Geography today. =D
And also, I whole day only ate a Char Sao Bao and a Double Cheese Burgar. So i'm hungry like hell now and i'm going to eat my so called dinner now. Bye~ =D

Happy Day!!

Today is quite a happy and tiring day for me! Firstly we went to lucky plaza than to far east. After that we went to raffles city for toilet break than Marina.

Picture taken at Raffles City

Actually today our motive is to go to buy Singapore flyer tickets but can’t find a way to go there so we are stuck at around Marina Square. Although we are stuck there, there is F1 racing going on and the cars are like the speed of sound! I was quite enjoying myself watching it and also took a video of it.

Trying to see the race (Look at Priscilla, trying to act cool lols)

A short video of F1.

Awhile later, Maisy called me and say wanted to go PS to watch movie, so we headed there. When we reached PS and wanted to buy the tickets, it is too full and does not have slots for us. Meanwhile, Maisy decided to go to The Cathay and check whether there got slot for us than Priscilla and me went for dinner. A few minutes later, Maisy called Priscilla to say that there is only left the first row for the movie but we all don’t want. So we decided to go home as we got nowhere to go. When on our way to MRT station, I saw POK WAN KIN! When he saw me, his first reaction to me is point _|_ to me. That is how he greets me, as always. Lols

When we’re on the train, both of them keep tag team to say and shoot me. They always do it and they love to do it (I guess? lols) especially Priscilla, always threaten me. -_-“


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Today Ivan shouted until someone's mum/dad name.. He's chosen the wrong target.. That person is a land mine.. If u step on it, u will DIE!! LOLS

Maggie Mee!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Today got quite a few new video..

See they both Singing.. lols

See what they all trying to do.. -_-

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What i wan to be?

I wan to become a scientist!!!