Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jacinta drew this =D

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jasmine made this!! Nice right! =D

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My class

Picture taken by Sarah.. She no give signal de lo! Than take until my stupid action =( lols

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


These are the pictures taken during my orientation ^^

The distance is getting further and further and is also nearer and nearer

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Orientation 2nd day

Today i'm late for my orientation because I overslept. 1 of my poly friend called me and i wake up.. haha
When I wake up I don't even feel like going the orientation but I promise them I will be going today, so I have no choice but to go.
Today is very fun and i enjoy it very much. =D

Anyway, we taken quite a lot of group photo, will upload when I got the pictures =D

I think I've started to love my class already?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Orientation 1st day

Today was my first day of orientation and i find it quite cool?
Gonna love the class that I'm at now..


It the first day I met my poly friend but we manage to chat on msn from around 8:30pm to 12am! Cool right? =D


Never FULLY trust a friend because you will get hurt one day.

I've learn a lesson

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Today wake up at 8:15am than call that fat Aloy to wake up and meet him 9:30am for breakfast.. Was so tired! I sleep for 3hours+ only! Than we went to peninsular to meet Joel and Wei Quan to buy cloth etc.. I bought a cap just because of my short hair. After shopping, Aloy went off first. Joel, Wei Quan and me went to watch a movie called "Knowing". I find it quite nice. After the movie we went home.


New image

Today went to cut my hair~

Picture of my long hair before I go cut it

There won't be picture of me after i cut my hair.. I think it too short! Looks like boy boy Zzz...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Added another 2 pictures with a bonus pictures

Friday, April 10, 2009

Drinking session

Alright, I will be posting the pictures during 7th april but with Priscilla's story..

The story begin now~

"Start off: We 3 girls, Noelle Me Maisy"

"Noelle and Me, cos Maisy doesn't want to take.
She kept squatting on the floor!"

"Random shot, lucky I'm prepared! HAHAH :X"


"On the way to bar. Am I alone? Emo-ing?
Ans:Nope, they are just too slow to catch up. (All like tortoise)"

"Here would be the best part for me to show
off my skill as scriptwriter!! Here goes the STORY!!"

Bong: I go first le la!!
Qiyi: Eh! dun go leh. WA~~!! &&&
Jun: Whatever la, just let him go la!!

"Added On"

2 bangala at the side: Please don't fight.. OMO!! How?? Will they fight?

"HAHAHA :X Does it seems like the scenario?"

And later on...........

"1 bottle of Chivas, coming right up!"

"Pokka Green tea? With Chivas? WWOOOO~~~"

"Me: Bong, you're losing it! HAHAH :X
Lose drink liquor also smile till like that. LOL~!"

"Qiyi: Ah~~ Bong losing, let's RELAXX first!
(Eyes turned White! HAHAH :X)"

In the meantime~~~~~

"4 Girls: Come on, let's take photos!!"

"Me: ME TOO ME 2!!. After taken, Me: Argghh~!!, So dark!! :*"

"Shanny: ME ME ME~~~ (posed), HEHE, Normal eh.. Nice Nice!! =D"

"Maisy: SEE MY POWER~!!, Chi-cha...
Ah~~ Mine the BRIGHEST +++ NICEST LOR!! (BHB)XD"

"Noelle: My turn le la! I wanna take with shanny!! After taken.
Noelle: Ah~~ No good, my head got monkey fur!! Again.. - 1st try(Just joking noelle)"

"Noelle: Peace!! I think I going CMI le~~ Not nice, again again - 2nd try"

"Noelle certified DRUNKED @ ELEMENTZ BAR!!"

Maisy and Me decided to take photo together.
And suddenly.......

"O.o?? A Finger? From where?"

"TA DA!! Here's the EXTRA de culprit!! HAHAHA :X"

"Maisy is annoyed :@"

Maisy: Eh~~ Take properly leh!!
Bong: Okay la okay la.. (Scare le)

"Ah~ Nice picture taken. Maisy: Bong so obedient~!"

"Shanny: Let me in too leh, don't leave me out =D"

Back to them~~~~~~~~

"Jun - Getting nervous, Qiyi - Relax mood."

Qiyi:Hurry leh! Don't keep taking photos leh!.
Aiya jun, relax la, he won't win de!

"Bong: I've got the GIRL POWER now!! I'm going to WIN lo.. focus~~!!
Jun: Ah~~ No please, NNNOOOO!!!!"

"Bong: TA DA!! I WON!!(He got the ace - Look at the card on the table.)"

"Qiyi & Jun stunned!"
Qiyi: Wa~~, like that also can!!
Jun: Shagged"

"Bong: HEHEHE~~!! I finally won ya!!"

"Qiyi: SHAG la! Don't disturb me! Humpp!!"

"Jun: Aahhh~~ Whatever la. I don't want play with you all liao.
I go join the girl girl group!! =D"

That's the end of the DAY & STORY!!
Hope everyone ENJOY!!! =D


Ok back to me, all the photo caption are by Priscilla not me =D
Actually we went for 2nd round with Martell but we did not take any pictures soooo... ya That's the end of the story!