Saturday, November 29, 2008

During working..

Pictures taken last Tuesday

Look at my eye, 1 big 1 small.. omg.. Lols.. (My right eye was injured)

We suppose to be working but we go mac to rest a while..

The Sky is so blue


2 Hamster running..

I'm suppose to give these to people..

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Work work

Today work at Tiong Bahru and is actually a very relax day.. Lols.. My working partner is Maisy Yeo Mei Shi and we spend quite a lot of time playing arcade instead of work.. Hehe.. IDIOT MAISY! I lost her VIP time zone card and I go buy a new VIP card of $20 for her.. -_-" Anyway, really had a lot of fun there..

And THX Maisy for being my listener this afternoon! Really thx a lot.. I'm glad that I got a good friend like u.. =D


I trusted u too much and i'm wrong.. Can I really still trust someone that much?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Boring.. _|_

It a boring day.. Nth much to write about today.. These are the pictures taken Today..

Few Snap Shot of Wei Jie and me

Picture from Pris phone.. Big different! I also dunno why i give that face.. -_-"

Friday, November 21, 2008

What's happening to me

Sometimes I really dunno whether I can accept it or not.. Haiz.. Maybe I've think too much of it.. Every time i think of it, it disappointed me..

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yesterday and Today


Went to find job for 3 days already!! LOLS

Night time we went to Ivan mum's shop to see see.. After a while we went for a interview and Wei Jie got to go first to celebrate Jian Ting Birthday than Ivan and Me went back to Ivan mum's shop again.

We Decided to go eat dinner so we go a dunno what shop (Ivan recommend me) to order first and we went to play arcade because the people there is too many!.. IT FUN PLAYING ARCADE!! There still got those ticket 1.. =D

Look at how much ticket we got!!

We exchange all the ticket for these! =D There's no other better thing to exchange our tickets and I love Dragon Ball and so exchange all for THESE! =P


Waste our time today dunno do what.. -_-"

Pictures taken

Dunno why my house got this but i like it! =D

Tuesday, November 18, 2008



Sunday morning, I went to my cousin house to eat because she just give birth a baby!

He look a bit fierce.. lols

After visiting my cousin, went home to rest and around 7pm, I actually wanted to find Priscilla, Maisy and Wei Jie at Plaza Sing coz they working there but in the end i go to meet Ivan and others at Serangoon.. They went to Serangoon dunno what place to celebrate Pandy belated birthday.. I tried to find them and i got myself lost.. -_-" Finally i found them and we went a lan shop at Serangoon called Venus, SMALL like chicken.. The com sux also.. =D After play we talk awhile and went home but YG, Aloy and me decided to talk more before go home and we slack behind Aloy house behind..

Picture and Video taken

That end of Sunday..

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Working day..

Worked as flyer for Singtel.. My leg can be as strong as SUPERMAN now.. Stand for around 10 hours.. WOO!! Know 2 new friend also.. 1 from M1 and 1 from Starhub.. Instead of fighting with each other coz we from different company, we make friend with each other! LOLS After work, Priscilla going for a interview in Heeren and we went there.. After her interview we took a few photos.. =D

She look like an idiot..

Another idiot

My Bro!

Big lollipop.. =D


I'm holding hand with her! She's my good sister!

I'm sry my sister.. I'm forced to do it.. HAHA

2 Idiots together.. LOLS!

Puma and me

Little Puma

Idiot puma that dun wanna help the girl even she's poked with a lollipop!

She's a lollipop promoter..

I'm hitting her with huge lollipop! LOLS!

Puma hitting a idiot.. He gonna be flat i guess..

3 of us..

Our bag..