Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Omg.. I dunno what i'm goin to do right now.. I dunno i can really make it for my English as I think my paper 1 report is writing CRAP! I dunno what i'm doing there.. Dreaming?

Meet up with Mum and Bro for dinner..

My Bro : " Was it hard? "
Me: "Ya.. (Very) ---> in a very soft tone.."
My Bro: "Enough time to finish it all?"
Me: "When the person says put ur pens down, I manage to finish it after a few seconds later.."
My Bro: "Oh ok.. Relax.. We dun expect much from u.. Just that u get at least a D7 will do.."
Me: "Hopefully"

And we began to eat our food..

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Graduation day!!

I'm back and will be updating!! =D

Today is Graduation day!! A lot of photo taken.. Will upload others another time..

These are the photos taken the past few weeks..

NEW 5A and 5B combine

NEW class 5A

NEW Shihui and Me

So many paper for us to do..

All studying for 'O's.. (Look at Ivan)

Aloy and Mrs Chew

Joel should be taking photo with Keng Ling but he...

Ivan doing some stupid action to Miss Pamela Chan

OMG! Look what Aloy trying to do.. lols

Photo taken at Wei Jie house.. Celebrating Yong Guang birthday.. =D

At East Coast celebrating Jian Bing Birthday.. Booking Bikes and Roller Blades

Wee Liang serious look when he's studying

Forgotten what he pointed.. =D

Can u believe it?! Nobody is at the canteen even at 4pm! (When i'm at sec 1. canteen will always have people until 6:30pm+)

Picture taken today

Me and my Chemistry teacher (Miss Pamela Chan) She's good!!!

My F&N teacher (Mrs Pang) and me.. She's good too!!

That's all for now.. Bye~